Alejandro Joaquín Martí García

Alejandro Joaquín Martí García is an internal member of our Advisor and Manager board of directors. Mr. Martí has contributed significantly to the social development of Mexico. As of today, Mr. Martí actively works in the development of matters related to security and justice in Mexico. In 2004, Mr. Martí constituted the Martí Foundation, dedicated to assisting orphans and homeless children. While as a member of the board of directors of the United States Mexico Foundation, an organization that promotes several social development projects in Mexico, Mr. Martí also supported several other philanthropic causes, locally and abroad.

In 1968, during the Olympic Games, Mr. Martí and his father Don Domingo Martí Fortun founded Martí, a sporting goods retailer located at the olympic village. Currently, Martí is a successful chain of sporting goods retailers, with more than 200 locations in Mexico.

In 1995, Mr. Martí founded his first center of health and fitness, an innovative multidisciplinary center known as Sport City, achieving national leadership in sale of sporting goods and fitness over the past 30 years. Sport City is also dedicated to the development of amateur sport in Mexico, which is currently joined by hundreds of thousands of athletes. Sport City has supported the sponsorship of several athletes, including athletes for the Pan-American Games.

Mr. Martí received a business administration degree from Universidad La Salle.