CH will benefit from the experience, systems and technological support of Concord, a leading collection servicing provider. Concord will provide to CH payment processing and report preparation services, as well as support in the analysis of originated portfolios and data tapes for performance evaluation, projections and technology for collection monitoring.

Concord has extensive experience in the Mexican mortgage market, particularly in providing technological services for high level managers, such as Hipotecaria Total (securitization platform of Hitotales, which is also integrated by mortgage loans originated by Infonavit). With over 25 years of experience, we believe that Concord has become an innovator and a performance benchmark in the collection services industry. As of January 2014, Concord managed more than 2,020 projects and approximately 610,000 consumer obligations, maintaining a portfolio equal to EU$3 billion. Concord provides, among other services, subsidiary collection management and administrative custody, a sector that serves approximately 160,000 loans with combined balances of approximately EU$1.2 billion..