Ignacio Gutiérrez Sainz

Ignacio Gutiérrez Sainz currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of CH. Prior to joining CH, Ignacio Gutierrez worked as an Investment Banker at a recognized Investment Bank based in México, with a team with more than 20 years of experience and with an impressive track record in the execution of mergers and acquisitions, debt structuring and equity raising transactions, that have been carried out by companies in the United States, Mexico and Latin America, in a variety of sectors including multiple transactions with state government agencies.

As an investment banker Mr. Gutiérrez has primarily focused on business origination through the implementation of different strategies as a result of the constant analysis and overview of specific sectors and market performance. These strategies have been materialized through the promotion and further execution of different special situations transactions, liability management, structured loans and assets securitizations.

Mr. Gutiérrez has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana. During his time there, he formed part of the Alumni Society as Director of New Projects, executing and managing different programs with the objective of developing a bigger and stronger presence of the universities alumni in the Mexican growing corporate market. During his studies at the Universidad Iberoameriana, Mr. Gutiérrez focused on special topics of finance with economic and financial engineering. The foregoing concentrations, combined with his engineering background, have become an important tool in his professional development within the financial sector. Mr. Gutiérrez is also a member of the board of directors of GUTSA, EPCCOR and PECSA (Mexican real-estate/housing/infrastructure companies).