Jaime Alverde Losada

Jaime Alverde Losada is an internal member of our Advisor and Manager board of directors. Mr. Alverde is currently the Operation Officer of Grupo Gigante, having different business units under his management: Gigante Grupo Real Estate, The Home Store, Petco and Unidad de Servicios Compartidos. He is also in charge of the promotion and generation of new business projects for the company. Mr. Alverde joined Grupo Gigante in 1995, and worked in various positions, such as, store manager, clothing buyer, commercial officer, operation officer and general officer.

Mr. Alverde was a founding partner of Alverde Stores, a company dedicated to the operation of Ferrioni and Ammarras franchisings. Mr. Alverde worked as Accounting Executive at Bancomer Banca Gubernamental for two years, where he managed PEMEX’s operations.

Mr. Alverde is currently a member of the National Association of Self-Service Stores (ANTAD), the president of the Association of Real Estate Developers (ADI), a member of the Board of the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán, as well as other major organizations and companies such as Group President and A&L.

Mr. Alverde received a graduate degree from Universidad Iberoamericana. He also received a masters degree in business administration from Tulane University, in New Orleans, Louisiana.