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Today, Infonavit is the largest originator of mortgages in Mexico and one of the largest mortgage financing providers in Latin America. In addition to employer fees, Infonavit funds mortgage loans through its securitization and co-participation programs (Infonavit Total, Infonavit Más Crédito, etc.).

Its credit administration capacity is one of the largest and most prominent in the world. Its SQ1 rating, published by Moody’s, underlines its quality as a mortgage portfolio administrator, its collection capabilities, as well as its track record in mitigating credit losses.


Fovissste is a social service agency dedicated, among other things, to the financing of housing for government workers, and is currently the second most important originator of mortgages with a payroll deduction payment strategy in Mexico, after Infonavit. Fovissste’s operations are financed primarily by interest payments on mortgages granted to government workers, through direct payroll deductions.

Fovissste currently has a credit management capacity that is among the most efficient worldwide. Its rating of AAFC2+ from Fitch Ratings as a mortgage loan administrator and its rating of AAA by Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s for its debt issuances (TFOVI) demonstrate its capacity as an administrator and credit risk mitigator.


YAVE originates individual loans with mortgage guarantees through its digital platform, which has a debt collection system that functions through the use of direct debit. FHipo provides the resources for the financing of said mortgages by acquiring the rights associated with the originated loans, provided they comply with the FHipo Investment Guidelines.


Through its digital platform, KREDI originates mortgage loans in the medium-residential housing segment in Mexico, the mortgage loans collection is carried out through the direct debit mechanism. Through this co-participation agreement, FHipo acquires the rights associated with the mortgage loans originated by KREDI, as long as they comply with FHipo's Investment Guidelines.