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New Type of Asset in the Mexican Market


To become the first structured mortgage investment trust that follows Mexican law and is quoted on the stock market.

Investment Approach:

Investment in mortgage portfolios with real estate guarantees and that have a low risk profile through efficient payment systems such as payroll discount.

Some of the guidelines that ensure that our investors obtain attractive returns while minimizing risks are:

  • Debt service in the mortgage loan payments through payroll discounts.
  • Attractive rates.
  • Terms that substantially reduce the risk derived from interest rate movements.
  • Accredited loans that require a minimum of 2 years in current employment and monthly income exceeding 3 times the payment obligation of borrowers.

FHIPO is the first mortgage REIT in Mexico that allows the investor to access attractive returns from the Mexican mortgage sector. This is done through a vehicle that is publicly listed on the stock market.

Business Strategy:

FHipo's strategy while participating in the mortgage market consists of real involvement and the contribution of knowledge as well as infrastructure to ensure optimal performance for the different products in which it participates.

FHipo's Strengths and Characteristics:

  • Discipline and transparency in the market.
  • Risk management controls.
  • Use of international best practices within the mortgage sector.
  • Platform with the ability to collect in and out of payroll.